Continuous branding can help startups grow their business

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Most startups and companies use their brand at about twenty percent of full power. Don’t take my word for it, look around you and look at your own business. Have you considered that absolutely everything you do is an important part of your brand and product experience?

That tweet you posted doesn’t simply represent your business and your brand – it’s part of your brand experience so it’s an essential part of your brand.

‘Social media in service of a product experience is not just media – it’s the experience of the product itself,’ says Forrester analyst James McQuivey in his book Digital Disruption, Unleashing The Next Wave Of Innovation. That’s quite a statement if you think about it.

It means that your website, your social media, everything you do, is part of the product and the service you offer. They’re not some optional extras, but an integral part of your brand and product experience.

We’ve gone a step further and developed the concept of total brand experience – everything you do is an important part of your brand experience.

If you’re selling a product, launching a service, or creating an app that will disrupt a crowded business sector, your customers are likely to be evaluating the total brand experience you give them. So your social media and your website are just as important as your product or service itself.

Forward-thinking, continually improving companies and startups need continuous design if they’re to keep learning and keep their business growing and reaching new targets and goals. Companies that are always learning, like those that adopt the lean startup approach made famous by Eric Ries, need continuous branding.

Your brand is always on, so you need to be able to refine, manage and control your brand at all times. But of course business owners or marketing professionals can’t devote all their time and energy to brand management. If they did they’d have no business. That’s why we’ve developed Brangento, your brand management tool.

Brangento lets you create, refine, manage and control your brand, then use your brand to grow your business. Based on our concept of continuous branding, Brangento helps you evolve your brand, engage with new customers and potential business partners and make new business contacts.

More than a brand sentiment or asset management tool, Brangento helps you use your brand as the engine to drive your business, make new connections and find new deals and partnerships.

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